Public procurement consultancy

As a formal procurement consultancy, our company provides a full range of services to municipalities, business companies, churches and other organisations in the position of contracting authorities and tenderers.

From the preparation of public procurement to its implementation, we assist our clients in everything we do to ensure that the procurement process is as quick as possible, satisfactory for all parties and in compliance with the relevant legislation. One of the essential prerequisites for an efficient public procurement process is the selection of the right type of procedure, which requires a good knowledge and effective application of public procurement law. Proper preparation and a well-designed communication channel, as well as administrative discipline, are of paramount importance for the process.

Our organisational structure and supporting IT system are designed to make the procurement advice and procurement process as transparent and efficient as possible for our Clients.

Hungary's accession to the European Union in 2004 opened a new chapter in the history of Hungarian public procurement. Nowadays, more than half of all public procurement is carried out under EU procedures. Our firm also provides procurement consultancy services for EU co-financed procedures, complementing the management of EU projects.